We seek to create a space that nurtures highly original, thought-provoking, and entertaining programming with the goal of becoming the premier destination for theatre lovers across the world.

LWGW Development, LLC Overview

LWGW  is a real estate development firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. LWGW has acquired a vacant industrial building in Chicago’s south side, which will be developed into the Lillian Marcie Theatre, a state-of-the-art live performance theatre venue, which will also house the internationally acclaimed Congo Square Theatre Company (also referred to as “Congo Square”). LWGW seeks to create a space that nurtures highly original, thought-provoking, and entertaining programming with the goal of becoming the premier destination for theatre lovers across the world.

Modeled after the renowned Polonsky Shakespeare Center in New York, The Lillian Marcie Theatre will feature two uniquely built, beautiful performance spaces. One theatre will be dedicated to the Congo Square Theatre Company, while the other will be reserved for LWGW’s shows. The space will also have a rooftop area designated for a potential restaurant concept in addition to separate bar/lounge areas on the first and second floor.


Built at the turn of the twentieth century, the property is located in the heart of the historic Bronzeville neighborhood and encompasses over 11,590 SF in a 15,000 SF lot. The property features a magnificent three-story brick structure with massive steel beams clear spanning the width of the building, while supporting a mezzanine level with no vertical posts.

LWGW aims to transform the property into a modern 350-seat multi-level performance theatre with a solo performing stage, in addition to a 100-seat boutique theatre. The theatres will incorporate exceptional acoustics, fantastic sight lines,
configurable stages, and modern lighting to provide a world-class theatre experience never before seen in the neighborhood. The building will also host a refreshment area with plenty of lounge seating and a roof-deck area with indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

Upon completion, the property will mark a new chapter in Bronzeville’s rich cultural traditions, featuring a contemporary theatre and hospitality venue set to rival the likes of London’s West End or New York’s Broadway. Representing the pinnacle of style and substance, this project will greatly add to the growing prospects of the Bronzeville neighborhood while giving locals and tourists an exciting opportunity to enjoy some of the finest plays, musicals, and performances Chicago has to offer. In order to jumpstart operations, LWGW requires $3.5 million to be allocated toward buildout.

Located at 4343 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, the Lillian Marcie Theatre will feature the height of classic and modern architectural décor, designed by the international award-winning firm, Ware Malcomb. As customers enter the theatre lobby, they will be greeted by the facility’s warm and intimate settings complemented by high ceilings, sleek wood finishes, and stylish furniture. Bright box offices will highlight the latest shows available at the theatre ranging from originals produced by the Congo Square Theatre Company or other live performances offered by LWGW. Figure 1: Interior Mockup LWGW :: 7 A coat room will also be available in the lobby along with bathrooms on the first and second floor. In terms of potential programming, Congo Square already has two shows booked for next year with three already in the works for this year. Congo Square also has a Black Nativity production that it runs every Christmas. Further, the theatre seeks to feature the new gospel musical Revival by Harry Lennix. THE THEATRES The first floor will feature the Company’s multilevel theatre space with over 350-seats spread across the ground floor and a balcony area. The 350-seat theatre will incorporate a highly configurable classic proscenium stage with a dedicated orchestra pit, fly towers for movement of scenery/lighting, as well as various multi-media components. These components will include high-quality lighting, video, and sound equipment to accommodate any audiovisual intensive performances held in the space. The 350-seat theatre will also have ADA-certified seating reserved for individuals with disabilities. Adjacent to the 350-seat theatre will be a smaller 90-seat solo performance area with thrust stage configuration, perfect for more intimate performances held at the venue. The second floor will contain the facility’s 100-seat boutique theatre with ample seating available on the main floor and the balcony area. The 100-seat theatre will not have an orchestral pit but will have a dedicated sound recording booth in addition to top-tier lighting and sound equipment. The 100-seat space will also feature a semi-circular thrust stage area more applicable for contained performances.