Chicago is more than just its Northside

History of Bronzeville

Bronzeville on Chicago’s Southside has a legendary past. Over the decades, Bronzeville served as a cultural Mecca and birthplace to a significant number of iconic performers and writers whose unparalleled contributions to Black American culture are celebrated worldwide. Lillian Marcie Performing Arts Center (LMC) will serve as the institutional realization of this legacy, and become the cultural epicenter in the crusade to revitalize the community. Our chief ambition is contained within our raison d’être: To embody the self-sustaining holistic power of Black American culture.

In order to care for all of Chicago, we must acknowledge the role arts play in shaping healthy, peaceful, and successful communities.

Through the performing arts, the Black community produces an asset that is wholly rehabilitative and restorative for all of us. It is critical that the Black artists have a definitive home to develop and engage our community through art that begins in our backyard and extends beyond. We are overdue in a major investment in the spaces and resources on the Southside’s Bronzeville that empower Black artists and neighbors to flourish.